New Act To Compensate Heritage Property Owners

The West Bengal Heritage Commission has proposed an amendment to the current heritage act that will pay attention to the problems of heritage property owners of West Bengal. The proposal enable heritage property owners in real estate Kolkata to be compensated as they are unable to use their premises commercially. If this proposal is accepted the commission hopes that real estate Kolkata heritage property owners will be able to manage their properties well.

Currently Kolkata real estate houses several heritage properties but many a times people are unable to maintain it due to lack of funds. To tackle the situation the West Bengal Heritage Commission has come up with a draft which has been sent for approval to the state information and cultural affairs department. The draft has blueprinted several points like mapping and documenting a heritage site anywhere in West Bengal. The proposal has set guidelines to categorize properties in Kolkata real estate on the basis of its history which will help in determining the amount of compensation to the property owner. The department, after looking into the draft, might forward it in the state assembly for amendment.

With the introduction of this proposal a new clause – transfer of developmental rights(TDR) will be introduced. This clause will enable heritage property owners in real estate in Kolkata to claim compensation as they are unable to use their property commercially. The current draft categorically states the guidelines as to how a heritage property owner will ascertain the TDR area. The value of the heritage area will then be calculated according to the current price of real estate in Kolkata or land. The owner real estate in Kolkata will be allowed to trade the property against another property/land in another area in the state.

This move will help in protection of heritage properties and it will allow conservation of heritage property sites without adding financial burden on the property owners. Interestingly, the Kolkata Municipal Corporation(KMC) already has a heritage committee that gives guidelines on built heritage gradation, these are based on British heritage rules but the rest of West Bengal does not have any such guidelines. The proposal proposes to introduce a six-layer gradation that will be based on the historicity and architectural importance of a premise.
several property sites in real estate India are facing neglect as no additions or alterations or upgradations can be done. Although few rules for governing heritage structures are present within the KMC area but the state needs a modern act to conserve the property sites.