Buying Property In Morocco

About Morocco

Call it Tangier, Marrakesh or Casablanca but for all the people who love long and idyllic beaches under the sun, there is no place like morocco to suit their needs. The charm of living or holidaying in morocco is in its multiplicity as its offers attractions for every type of visitor. For people who love to bathe in the sun, there are miles of beaches; while inland lies Berber country where, among the snow-capped Atlas Mountains, the energetic can walk or trek and for the more adventurous there’s Sahara desert. It is only recently that investors are putting all of these factors together to come up with an ideal investment option in Morocco property.

Due to its proximity from Western Europe, Morocco of late has become the ideal African starting point for the traveller. Throughout morocco one can open-air markets selling rugs, woodwork, jewellery and leather – said to be the softest in the world.

After gaining independence from France in 1956, the Morocco of today is an exquisite amalgamation of the exotic magic of the Islamic, Arabic, African world – the world of medinas and minarets, desert and mountain; yet it almost touches Western Europe and, for all the differences, retains a European gloss, the legacy of the French Protectorate.

Morocco is located at the westernmost tip of North Africa, bordering Algeria to the east and Mauritania to the south and southeast, the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Mediterranean to the north. Running through the middle of the country is the Atlas mountain range, which leads to the fertile plains and sandy beaches of the Atlantic coast.

With the opening of tourism and Moroccan governments’ initiative into tourism and infrastructure building many outsiders are finding it a wealthy proposition to own a piece of the booming market.

The Property Market in Morocco

The last few years have seen a dramatic increase in the numbers of overseas investors buying apartments, homes, villas amongst the other properties in morocco. Morocco with its combination of great weather, exotic location, and good food, Morocco property is becoming the most sought-after location for better-off overseas as well as not so well of overseas investors. Which place in the world can provide you the opportunity to rub shoulders with Fashion designers Yves Saint Laurent and Jean Paul Gaultier both have Morocco property and keep houses in Marrakesh and prices reflect strong European interest. Small, traditional houses start at just 40,000, although there will be substantial restoration costs to pay.

If you are considering buying a property in Morocco for investment, now is the time to make your move. Moroccan interest rates are low and property prices are rising steadily.

Compared to Spain in Morocco properties are available at approximately one third of the price for comparable property located in Spain. The major cities of Morocco have recorded capital growth of over 30% in the last 3 years.

The cities in Morocco which has been witnessing higher capital growths are Casablanca, Fes, Marrakech and Tangier. The Areas along the Mediterranean coast are expected to be the next booming areas in morocco current prices are very low.

In addition, King Mohammed 6th has liberalised the political and tax system – rental income is now exempt from tax for 5 years and no capital gains are paid if the property is sold after 10 years

For buying property in Morocco, built in mortgages are available for investors and they can borrow upto 70% of the value of the Moroccan property for upto 15 years from a Moroccan bank. The interest rate as of Feb 06 was 5.5%.

The Moroccan property market can effectively be divided into three sectors namely riad built around a central garden with a fountain, and a dar a similar house without the central garden. Both are found in the oldest part of the city, medina. The third sector is the new properties being build.

Why Invest in Morocco

With its unique location and being very near to Western Europe and its all the year round weather, it’s uniquely suited to investors needs. The reasons for investing in Morocco is not just confined to its location or weather but there many more things which makes investing in a Moroccan property a profitable business investment. At this stage the property prices in Morocco are relatively low compared to other destinations and is an emerging market coupled with is the sense of making a secure investment. The tourism sector is booming in Morocco and people have reported 85% occupancy rate for rented properties during high season. These reasons alone make Morocco a safe investment destination.

If you are still little bit skeptical about purchasing property in Morocco this piece of news will certainly make you think and take notice, the Moroccan King Mohammed VI and the UAE have allocated huge investment into drastically increasing tourism further to a goal of 10m per year by 2010 apart from this investment into developing infrastructure is also poring in from United States. This investment along with several tax advantages also helps investors in feeling comfortable in investing in property in Morocco.

The main points why one should invest into Moroccan property are given below.

Luxury lifestyle for very little
Great value property
10 year building guarantee (similar to nhbc)
Rental yields 6% plus
Strong emerging property market all set for very strong capital growth
0% Tax on rental income
0% Capital gains tax under 40k or after ten years
0% Inheritance tax when passed onto family
100% repatriation of funds
Government vision for 2010 tourism strategy
Major investment in infrastructure, airports and ports

There are very few locations in the World that investors can look to invest at excellent prices and expect an immediate rental return with such high capital appreciation prospects.


Morocco is already creating waves as the newest hot spot in the international property market. The properties which are being constructed in properties be it hotels, residential apartments, villas, luxury houses etc are comparable to the best in the world and available for a fraction of price compared to similar properties around the world. The outlook for the Morocco property market is bound to go higher as it is fast becoming the playground for the rich and famous going by media reports that say that large number of the worlds wealthy, including film stars and sports heros. Richard Branson, the Rolling Stones, Malcom Forbes, and even David Beckham are believed to have purchased property in Morocco. With considerable investment going into developing the infrastructure like roads, ports, bridges, airports and when completed it can be said with conviction that the prices of Moroccan property will be far higher than investors can purchase at present. Also the resorts which are being developed are expected to attract vast numbers of tourists on short term holidays generating excellent rental yields for the investors who own these properties.

As far as the growth rate in property prices is concerned there are many different views, but in these entire different views one thing is common that is the prices are bound to rise. Homes overseas Magazine has quoted a capital growth of 30% but on a conservative note 15% is deemed as being very achievable.

Also the outlook for the rental income from Morocco based property is set to increase over a period of time as good rental yields are achievable from property in the new luxury resorts being constructed. With people reporting 85% rental occupancy during the high season and the number of tourists set to grow faster than the number of available accommodation this figure is expected to grow meaning larger occupancy levels for investors and potential growth in rental income as demand grows.

Real Estate Agent As The Key To Success In Real Estate Property Buying And Selling

It is very important to remember that when you want to be successful in dealing with real estate market, you should work hand in hand with a real estate agent. Whether you are buying or selling, this person will be your helpful guide in the right decision about a property. The real estate will work in your behalf; he or she is your representative. The role portrayed by the agent is very paramount if you do not have enough experience in this field.

If you find the right agent, you can be assured that your real estate involvement can be very rewarding. He would not only find you the desired property, he can even guide you in the right choice of property given two or more to choose from. However, finding the right agent may not be easy to find. Not all of the agents out there have the qualifications. To find the needed experienced and qualified agent, you must take into consideration several factors.

Actually, a real estate agent is comparable to a salesperson. He is tasked to sell your property at the best price. The agent is not only involved in the selling process; you also need one when you are buying real estate property. Although these property consultants work both ways, you will realize that their main use is for selling properties. In order for your property to be sold, you should choose the agent that has sufficient training, experience and drive to come up with a sale. With these qualities, you would be able to give this agent your whole trust and confidence in deciding about the sale.

In choosing the agent, you should be able to determine the area of experience of the chosen agent. So, check out if he has experience in the locality from where your property is located. His familiarity with the area will greatly help for the marketing of your for-sale property. His knowledge about the people in the area and the possibility in the rise and fall of property prices will be beneficial for the pricing and selling of the piece of real estate asset.

Accessibility is another qualification that your hired real estate agent should possess. This means that he has time and he will at all times be available for any prospective client. The agent does not only show the photos of the property but he should be able to personally accompany interested buyer for ocular inspection of the property. He should be able to answer all the queries of the interested buyers. To summarize, your agent has sufficient time to attend to the client and that the client will consider the experience wholesome. This will give your property a positive or plus factor, all because the agent has discussed and explained the worthiness of buying the property.

Experience and education are other important attributes that should be in the hired real estate agent. This will ensure that he can handle the transaction with ease, competence and perfection. And of course, it is best to deal with a person who had undergone college or university education. They tend to be more trustworthy and easier to deal with. You would want your agent to take control over the task and he should be able to make worthy decisions, no discount or reduction in price should be his thrust.

Whenever you are selling a property, it is very essential that you should talk with an experienced real estate agent. You do not just hire any agent; you have to determine his qualifications. Important characteristics are being knowledgeable of real estate market specifically the area where your property is located. The availability any time as well as educational background and experience are valuable assets of the real estate agent, whether he or she is selling or buying. His competence and skill will be able to give the client trust on the property being sold.

Easy Steps To Buy Property In Thailand

Investing in property is one of the most lucrative opportunities people want to avail in every part of the world. Thailand is one of those countries in which every second foreigner wants to invest in property. Are you also one of them, who want to own a property in Thailand but do not know how to do it? If yes, then no need to worry, as buying Thailand property is not problematic if you know the process. People, who do not know the actual process of buying a property in Thailand, can consider the following steps for this purpose:
1. Find the best property agent
It is a fact that buying property in any foreign country will not be a piece of cake especially if you are not familiar with the procedure. Thus, the safest approach would be seeking the services of an experienced and reputable property agent like those at when buying any Thailand property. Once you get the services of any professional property agent, they will not only find the right property for you to purchase but will also communicate to the concerns for this purpose. In simple words, they will be the one, who will save your time and effort.
Many people think that hiring the services of any property agent will increase the price of property. This formula may work somewhere but not in Thailand. Do you know why? It is because in Thailand, you will find property available for sale at fixed price especially when it comes to the foreigners. However, when you will have a reliable agent, he may talk to the seller on your behalf and make it possible for you to get that Thailand property at reasonable price.
2. Legal Planning
When anyone buys any property, it means that they are willing to invest their life savings into something valuable, and wants to keep it safe. The same approach should be kept in mind while buying any Thailand property. For this, the best approach would be contacting any legal advisor to discuss with him the legal process required to acquire any property in Thailand by any foreigner. For example, it is important for a foreigner to get a long-term lease if he really wants to own any land there. Moreover, to build a home on that land, he must have a permit. Thus, all legal requirements will be made clear if you will contact any professional legal advisor, who is capable enough to deal with the property matters in Thailand.
3. Deposit money after detailed investigation
Do not deposit any money to buy Thailand property without investigating about the seller and property. You can contact to Land Department in Thailand if you want to know the details related to any land including its title, deed record, etc or a lawyer can do this on your behalf.
4. Make your lawyer review the property contract
Last but not the least; it will be the seller, who will prepare the selling documents of your desired Thailand property. Ask your lawyer to review it in detail to avoid any hassle in the future.

Best Locations In Bangalore To Buy Residential Property

When you think of buying a residential property in Bangalore, the choices are many, ranging from simple one room house to independent villas. But, choosing a location can be quite a cumbersome task, as you have to choose a property that suits your needs and your pocket too. The price of a property depends on the type of the property and the location. You will need a bigger pocket if you are eyeing the central areas that are well connected and located in the heart of the city. Or, if you are satisfied staying in some interior part of the city, you don’t need to worry much about the expenses.

The most popular areas like Brigade Road, M.G. Road, and Cunningham Street etc. are mostly known for their commercial importance and it’s a mammoth task finding a house in these areas. Apart from that, there are some residential areas as well, that may not be as pocket-friendly as you want your desired locality to be. For example, Sadashiv Nagar, Whitefield(Villas), Off Cunningham Road, Off Palace Road etc that are known to be the abode of the affluent.

Following is a list of stylish, well-planned residential areas in Bangalore that are well connected and yet, are average budget localities:

Indira Nagar-Located within a diameter of few kilometers from Domlur airport, the area is well connected to rest of the city. It can boast of several renowned hospitals and educational institutions as well. There are a number of shopping options in addition to nearby pubs, bars, restaurants, gyms etc. The area can be classified as an average budget area.The average price and rent for apartments in this area is Rs.4736/sqft and Rs. 16/sqft respectively. The price for residential plots, on an average is Rs. 8935/sqft.

Koramangala-Reputed firms and business houses, renowned educational institutions, St. John’s Hospital and a number of shopping centers and malls, this area is surely a very good option to settle down. Criss-crossed by many roads and near to Indira nagar, the area doesn’t seem to be facing any sort of connectivity issue.The average price and rent for apartments in this area is Rs.4614/sqft and Rs. 18/sqft respectively. The price for residential plots, on an average is Rs. 6570/sqft.

Banshankari- A medium budget locality at about 15 Km from railway station and 25 Km from the airport, the major connecting road is the 100 feet ring road. There are a number of new projects developed recently or under development in the area.The average price and rent for apartments in this area is Rs.4232/sqft and Rs. 9/sqft respectively. The price for residential plots, on an average is Rs. 3693/sqft.

Jayanagar- Lying close to Banshankari, Jayanagar is a well developed residential area with a cosmopolitan setup. There are a number of shopping complexes, educational institutions and some of the most famous food joints, e.g. Mughal Darbar, Taj Darbar, Blue lagoon etc., in the area.The average price and rent for apartments in this area is Rs.4974/sqft and Rs. 15/sqft respectively. The price for residential plots, on an average is Rs. 10167/sqft.

Malleshwaram-It is one of the greenest localities of the Garden City. The place is naturally beautiful with the lush greenery all around.The average price and rent for apartments in this area is Rs.5223/sqft and Rs. 16/sqft respectively. The price for residential plots, on an average is Rs. 8312/sqft.

Marthahalli- Close to Whitefield and Sarjapur, the area is well connected and offers lots of new projects as well, to choose from. It is again a medium budget locality.The average price and rent for apartments in this area is Rs.2617/sqft and Rs. 12/sqft respectively. The price for residential plots, on an average is Rs. 2863/sqft.

BTM Layout-Located in the southern Bangalore, the area houses the IIM. It is a well planned residential colony with developed road system and separate market place.The average price and rent for apartments in this area is Rs.3174/sqft and Rs. 12/sqft respectively. The price for residential plots, on an average is Rs. 5110/sqft.

Madiwala- An area for small budget home seekers, Madivala is one of the most crowded areas of Bangalore. Though the interiors of the locality are not comparable to those lying in the vicinity, it is nearby to BTM, Koramangla, and HSR Layout areas.The average price and rent for apartments in this area is Rs.2785/sqft and Rs. 12/sqft respectively.

HSR Layout- The area is well connected to Whitefield, Marthahalli, and Electronic City, where most the offices are located. Well connected to the city and better infrastructure makes it dearer. You can find any number of medium budget houses in this locality.The average price and rent for apartments in this area is Rs.3351/sqft and Rs. 12/sqft respectively. The price for residential plots, on an average is Rs. 4402/sqft.

K R Puram- Krishna raja Puram or K.R Puram is well connected to the city. You can find hundreds of flats in this area, depending on your needs and budget.The average price and rent for apartments in this area is Rs.1796/sqft and Rs. 10/sqft respectively. The price for residential plots, on an average is Rs. 1151/sqft.

Do You Benefit From Living In Community Property States

There are certain states that are in the community property jurisdiction that was derived from the lawof Mexico. The community property law states that once a couple gets married, all property is then owned jointly and will be divided equally if the couple should divorce.

The rules in community property vary from state to state and are ultimately decided upon at the time of divorce, annulment or death. Most community property states separate the property that was acquired by the individual before the marriage took place.

If there is any money earned from the properties that were determined separate before the marriage, they would also be able to keep this money instead of entering it into the community property.

When it comes to money, marriage and laws, things can get tricky. Especially since there are no two states with exactly the same law on the matter. If you own a substantial amount of property separately, or if one owns more than the other, you should consult with a lawyer to make the most educated decision on how you should determine your community and separate property.

Nobody wants to think about divorce or death, but it is good to have a plan just in case something happens. Community property states let the couple decide who they are leaving their share of the property to in the event of death. If the share of property is left to the surviving spouse, the property won’t have to go through probate.

This is a long process of deciding who is the sole beneficiary of the property. It is a benefit to the surviving spouse because the deceased’s share will automatically be given to them.

The majority of thecommunity property states are outwest. They are: California, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Idaho, Louisiana, Washington and Wisconsin.

At the time of separation, financial need, ability to earn income nor fault are taken into consideration. This can be beneficial for one party and damaging to the other. If you are the sole earner then you might feel taken advantage of when it comes time to split ways.

This is why you need a property lawyer to determine what is going to be separate from your community property.

According to the majority of community property states laws, community property is anything that is acquired by either spouse during the course of the marriage. Even if ownership is in the other spouses name, it is considered community property, makingone halfyour spouses.

When it comes time to file taxes and if you decide to file separately, you need to be aware of everything that is considered community property and everything that is separate. Split everything that is community property right down the middle.

While filing separately offers the taxpayer the least beneficial tax treatment, it also gives them separate tax liabilities. If you have a large amount of properties and income, it may make the most sense to file separately.